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Our Awesome Features

Use Green Zone to keep your household, apartment, office, neighbourhood or Community informed and safe.

100% Crowd Sourced

All data is 100% crowd sourced.

Self-report and assure

Allows groups to self-report and assure others close-by.

Green zones of low risk

Shows ‘green zones’ of low risk where no symptoms are reported-not only ‘red’ areas with confirmed positive results

Easy User Interface

Beautiful easy user interface is only the beginning. Send newsletters and messages targeted to each contact’s interests.

Account Management

Move from unpredictable project work to retainer-based on the beloved communication & customer relationships.


Why GreenZone?

We developed GreenZone in accordance with our mission to change how people own and manage their digital identity and data. We are very concerned with the apps now being deployed by Governments and companies globally. They embed personal tracking mechanisms that may never be removed. Assurances made today respecting personal data may not survive when government officials change. GreenZone lets individuals periodically self-report any symptoms they may have from volunteered locations. Our app measures how many people say that they are well in their local community. Our goal is simply to reduce the fear and anxiety arising from not actually knowing if anyone has symptoms in a specific apartment building, office, factory or neighborhood.

Why GreenZone ?

GreenZone is developed by Human Rights Experts and Technology Professionals for the Bluenumber Foundation, a registered charity in New York State (NYS Office of the Attorney General) and recognized by the IRS as tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(3)(c).

Our Foundation’s mission to enable you to own and manage your digital identity and data. We are very concerned with the apps now being deployed by Governments and companies globally. These embed personal tracking mechanisms that may never be removed. Even if assurances are made today to respect your personal data these may not survive when thecurrent government officials change.

Green Zone crowdsources data for you to support and revive activity in your local area. Green Zone is an initiative for local communities and peers to share ‘safety-comfort’ reviews about measures taken in local places, facilities and businesses near you. Green Zone helps you stay safe and highlights areas where safety-comfort measures could be improved.

How is GreenZone Different ?

  • GreenZone is to help revive local economic activity in your area.
  • GreenZone DOES NOT IDENTIFY you and it DOES NOT TRACK your movements.
  • GreenZone is a RIGHTS-BASED app. You own your data and we will defend it as your property.
  • GreenZone is especially designed for communities with NO ACCESS TO TESTING.
  • GreenZone trusts you to be honest and comfortable with self-reporting.
  • GreenZone measures how you feel visiting places and stores around you.


GreenZone measures how you and your immediate neighbours feel. It counters hearsay and gossip. As more people use the app, you can determine which national statistics apply to you and your neighbourhood.

  • Download the Greenzone app for free

  • Simply register with your mobile number, no more details asked
  • Greenzone immediately generate a unique identification number for you Bluenumber ensures your anonymity at all times
  • For more information regarding data privacy please have a look at our privacy policy
  • Use Greenzone to identify safe locations to shop, eat or explore.
  • Browse the area using the Map view or the Zone view
  • Tap “Map/Zone“ to find exactly what you want or use search bar for more results.
  • Pin your most visited location like home/work/favorite hangouts for easy access.
  • Tap your pins or search results to view green, red and orange zones nearby your location.
  • What‘s safe today or now, may not be so later- To maximize the benefits of Greenzone, “check in” every time you visit a location.
  • Greenzone will automatically list the nearby facilities. If you don’t see it, use the search field.
  • Based on the rating and reviews you may decide whether or not you feel safe to enter.
  • Once you have “checked in” and reviewed,Greenzone will immediately update the safety status of the location.
  • This will help the peers in our network, like your family and friends, to make informed decisions and stay safe.
  • Greenzone rewards you for your contributions in ensuring safety of your community, through your honest and timely reviews
  • You can earn coupons for frequenting a few stores, collect “fun badges” and markup the reputation of your reviews, unlock Pro-features free of cost

GreenZone partners

Our Partners promote the app within their network of local communities. They encourage people to download and use the app.

Please reach out to a Partner in your locality if you would like to know more about GreenZone or if you are a research institution, government agency or non-profit organization and would like to share aggregated data we gather.

Greenzone Data Defenders

GreenZone Data Defenders supports the user’s property rights to data they submit via the app and to oversee that it is only used as described.

Data Defenders include:
  • All the designers and developers of GreenZone
  • All Board Members of Bluenumber Foundation, a registered charity in New York State (NYS Office of the Attorney General) and recognized under IRC Section 501(3)(c) (IRS Federal EIN 47-4271112).
  • Individuals committed to the principle that people should have property rights to their own digital identity and their own data.
  • Any user of GreenZone if they wish.If you just use the app you can remain anonymous, but if you choose to become a Data Defender you must self-declare your identify by providing your name and your role/profession.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is not. GreenZone does not use Bluetooth or ‘handshake’ with any other devices you may be near to. It does not track your location or map where you have been over any period of time.

GreenZone allows you to give ‘safety and comfort’reviews to places, facilities and businesses in local area. If you want to give a rating the app will ask for a GPS reading of where you are to present a list of all places, facilities and businesses within 100m of your location. Your GPS allows an accurate local list to be presented to you. Your GPS data is not retained or stored. If you make a review about the place you choose from the list, the review will be tagged with the GPS of the place (not you).

You can only review places within 100m of your actual location. The review you give must be based on what safety measures you actually see being taken (or not) at those places.

You own your own data. Always.

Your data is stored in the Bluenumber Foundation Cloud hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Your data is kept for 21 days, then it is overwritten – i.e. the report you submit on Day 22 will erase and replace the data from Day 1. There will be no record kept of that data.

If you wish to keep a copy of your own data you can download it into your personal cloud service (for example Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, etc.). This feature will be available within 14 days.

GreenZone gathers (i) the number of your mobile device to send an OTP; (ii) the GPS location of ‘pins’ you select around which you choose to do reviews; (iii) survey questions of your observations at places you choose to review; and (v) the GPS location of the place, facility or businessyou review.

NB – GreenZone does not ask you for your name or any personal identification. GreenZone does not track your movements or who you have come into contact with.GreenZoneonly works if you choose to tag yourself to a place, facility or business already listedin the Google Maps.

GreenZone uses a star rating to show what safety measures place, facility or business has taken to ensure your comfort in being there. GreenZone measures seven (7) variables: Social Distance, Signs, Spacing, Surfaces, PPE (for Staff), PPE (of Visitors) and Disinfecting. A 1-star rating means only ‘Minimum and basic requirements’ (Social Distance and Signs) are in place. 2-stars means the business has spacing and disinfected surfaces to assure customers the physical environment offers free movement and hygiene. 3-stars means all staff wear protection equipment such as masks (always) and gloves (for food service). A place gets 4-stars if it influencesvisitors to adopt good practices by requiring that they wear masks to come in. a 5-star rating is given if that place continuously disinfects equipment that customers or clients must use such as trolleys (in a supermarket) or computers (in an office).

Your data is yours. You can share it if you wish according to features or other apps you may have on your device. GreenZone allows you to share data for one day (‘today’) or for a 14-day period. Please do not share your data unless you know and trust those you are sharing with!

Please don’t. GreenZone relies on your honesty. As much as you want to be safe, so do those around and near you. An honest report will help a business get better if they are lacking in some areas..GreenZone shows reviews dynamically – all reports reset after 3 days so visitors and customers can be confident of the current measures being taken by places.

Data Defenders oversee that your data is only used as described. They ensure that any data you provide is owned by you. They support your property rights toyour data.This is an ad-hoc group organized under the Bluenumber Foundation, a non-profit registered at the New York State Office of the Attorney General (IRS Federal EIN 47-4271112).

They are individuals (yes, real people) who volunteer to keep watch that your data is not stolen or used secretly by a faceless corporation, or a government agency that may use it for some nefarious reason.

Data Defenders include: all the designers and developers of GreenZone; all Board Members of Bluenumber Foundation; individuals committed to the principle that people should have property rights to their own digital identity and their own data.


We hope GreenZone helps you be safe and makes your community safer. Remember, GreenZone is not a substitute for advice from a professional healthcare provider. If you have any suggestions for how we can improve GreenZone, please let us know.